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NATURAL PAVING SOLUTIONS LLC is a boutique manufacturer of their innovative soil stabilization dust abatement and surface paving products. Utilizing their Eco-friendly and organic formulations in combination with sustainable and mechanical materials, NPS presents their complete paving system called OrganiPave™. Using the most advanced road construction technology, NPS offers an Eco-friendly, cost effective paving method that solves the age-old problem of building a better road.

Providing our customers with an innovative system that can be created as a permeable or impermeable surface, NPS offers 'OrganiPave™', a cost efficient road paving system that extends from dust abatement to high CBR strength soil stabilization utilizing our Slagregate™ for a superior finished surface.

Depending on your paving requirements, we present a designed system to meet or surpass your intended requirements. The NPS OrganiPave™ system can reduce your overall costs by as much as up to 60% off traditional road paving methods.

Using the NPS designed system 'OrganiPave™ puts your project in a compliant position. Start with our Soil Stabilization system and achieve CBR results that take your in-situ soils, 4 to 8 times higher than traditional methods. Finish your surface with our sustainable Slagregate™ product and system that gives you an option of LEED Compliance.

NATURAL PAVING SOLUTIONS LLC custom tailored solution technology OrganiPave™ has set the standard for advanced road and construction technologies and dust control products available today. Our product solution liquids are all delivered in a concentrate liquid form. Depending on its use you can mix 50:1.

Application requires a minimal number of machines and can be installed using only our product mixed with water and the inherent soil or with an added recommended aggregate, giving you the perfect stabilized base and surface every time.


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NPS views every project as an opportunity to lower our carbon footprint. We pride ourselves on our green commitment and service to our industry. We are dedicated and fully believe in what we do and in our environmentally safe and sustainable products.

We at NPS embrace each and every project with the same enthusiasm, pride
and integrity that has made our customer service second to none. We may not be the cheapest, but we will always give you the best of our ability and we will take every step to ensure that your project is successful each and every time.

NPS comes backed with a team of experts with over 20 years experience in the industry of alternative Eco-friendly paving products. There is no guess work here. Our team knows exactly how to use our products and how to have a satisfied customer. Because there is no 'one size fits all' product, you cannot expect a formulated solution that works recycled or decomposed aggregate from one region of the world to be capable of solving a different aggregate problem in another. For this very reason, NPS is motivated to supply each client with an accurate tailor made solution, engineered to meet the parameters of the soil and or aggregate for their project.

Choose NPS because there cannot be a one size fits all product. Choose NPS because you want your job done right the first time and every time. NPS’s OrganiPave™ system is the clear leader and is a technologically advanced Eco-friendly paving alternative'.

Natural Paving Solutions LLC unique chemical and mechanical fully organic process, identifies soil types, climate, and traffic variables. This allows us to achieve the most sophisticated, non-oil based, sustainable Eco-friendly, paving alternative available today.

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